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This is a live, call-in Cable TV Access show in the Portland, Oregon area which will be broadcast on 5-2-17 on 8:00 PM on WFTV – Channel 11 on Portland Cable TV. (This is the first Tuesday of the month!) Our call-in number is: 503-650-0198.


Our Guests Tonight are two Democratic Progressives, Moses Ross, now a Political Candidate(!!!), and Cliff Goldman, who has also been in the trenches a long time!



Our theme this week will be: The Trump Disasters! And will focus wreckage that Trump is forcing on the United States!


What should our responses be to such things as:


1.    Trump’s embrace of President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, who has already had more than 4,000 Filipinos summarily executed for drugs – this includes just the users of drugs. Also he saluted Marine La Pen of France and President Erdogan of Turkey , these also right-wing autocratic leaders.

2.    Trump’s continuing attempts to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and his statement that Filibuster Rules have to be rolled back in the Senate.

3.    To Trump’s Rolling Back of Climate Control Measures.

4.    His threats to shut down the government in September, saying that shutting down the Government every once in a while “is a good thing.”

5.    His stating that the investigation of his relationship with Russia is based on lies.

6.    To the many miscreants installed as cabinet officials, such as Pruitt who denies climate change, Tom Price who wants to roll back Obama care, to Betsy DeVos who wants to privatize our educational system, to the many Goldman Sachs employees now part of the government.

7.    To Trump’s ongoing assault on our legal system – with his recent demeaning of a Federal Judge in the State of Hawaii.


Caleb marched in the Science March 10 days ago in Washington, DC. Since the huge Women’s March, the opposition is building and today Hillary, herself, declared that she was part of the “resistance”  Great for her!

 Certainly the rallies at the town hall meetings which opposed the rollback of ObamaCare were very effective. The Indivisibles has proven to be a very impactful group, and other progressive groups are quickly gaining strength!


The hour on cable TV will fly by very, very quickly, and so if you have comments or questions, please call us early at 503-650-0198!

The Women’s March on Portland was a huge success on January 21! There are many other marches and other ways to show your feelings! We must get more involved!

As Thom Hartmann would say: “Tag—you’re it! Get involved!” Knock on doors, make phone calls, donate money to make your voice heard!


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It’s more important to get involved now than ever before! It’s far past time for Environmentalists and Progressives to take control of the party and restore the party of FDR!!!


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